Quality Angus Sires

As important as cow power and maternal traits are in a calf crop, we all know that the "boys" must be involved to get things going.  As we review bulls to be used in the Angus AI program at Hanlin Farms, there are three traits that we hold dear.  They must have big butts, big guts, and be fast growing.  Again, that calf must have the internal capacity to take in a volume of feed and convert it to pounds of meat.  


We feel that upon review of the sires currently used at Hanlin Farms you will agree that we are meeting this criteria. 

Angus Sires currently being used at

Hanlin Farms:


Balbridge Bronc

Barstow Cash

Car Don X Factor 836

Cash Crop

EXAR Denver

EXAR Resistol 3710B

Made in America

River Bend None Better

SAV Bismarck

SAV Final Answer

Sitz Upward 307R

Tour of Duty